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RS232 Transceiver Circuits

05/19/2008 Category: Digital

There are serveral rs232 transceiver circuit which commond used for communicated between microcontroller and other devices such PC or any devices that use rs232.Here is a collection of rs232 transceiver circuits that popular for today.

2 transistor

The circit below use 2 transistor and some components to provide RS232 transceiver.It usefull for cheap application that dose not long lenght.

RS232 using Transistor
Fig 1. Transceiver with 2 transistor

MAX232(Full duplex)
The circuit below use MAX232 which is the MAXIM’s devices.This circuit is very stable and use for professional design. This device is inexpensive and it can provides 2 channel for RS232 .
The MAX232 line drivers/receivers are designed for RS-232 and V.28 communications in harsh environments. Each transmitter output and receiver input is protected against ?15kV electrostatic discharge (ESD) shocks, without latchup.It can operate from a Single +5V Power Supply.

RS 232 using max232
Fig 2. Use MAX232 for RS232 transceiver

DS275(Half Duplex)
This RS232 transceiver circuit use DS275 which is a small half duplex transceiver chip. It Compatible with RS–232–E signals and suitible for Low–power serial transmitter/receiver for battery-
backed application.Requies no external devices.

Fig 3. Circuit to use DS257