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Simple RS 232 Level Converter

01/31/2008 Category: Basic

Simple RS 232 Level Converter using Transistors

When you need connect your Microcontroller Project to COM port in PC you need RS 232 converter. There are many chip to solve the problem like MAX232, DS275 etc. But if you need simple and chep for RS 232 converter, i though this circuit will be usefull for you. The design made by Wichit Sirichote.

Simple RS 232 Level Converter using Transistors Schematic

“A circuit diagram shown above was used two small signal transistor, NPN and PNP transistors. Dash line separate transmitter and receiver circuit. For those who need only transmitter circuit can use above circuit (and GND (5) signal ). Technically the RS232C is -3V to -12V for logic ‘1’ and +3V to +12V for logic ‘0’. The transmitter circuit uses PNP transistor, BC557. While in mark state the TxD signal is logic ‘1’, Q1 turns off. TxD (pin3) then provides -9V (depends on what converter chip being used for COM1, say) to RxD (pin2). For space state, TxD control signal then becomes logic ‘0’, which turns on Q1, the approx. +5V is then fed to RxD (pin2). With this method, while sending data has being made, TxD (pin3) must stable at -9V, say”

There also some modification from above circuit. For more detail you can download here.