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AVR LCD Digital Clock

10/23/2010 Category: AVR, Display, Microcontroller, Project

The project shows you how to build digital clock based on microcontroller ATtiny2313. The time is displayed in the format “hh: mm: ss” on the alphanumeric display LCD of size 16 x 2 with driver HD44780. The 16 bit internal counters interrupts of MCU is used to generate time (1 interupt = 1 second). The clock has accuracy of +1 second / 48 hours.

digital clock on LCD

User can adjust the digital clock using 3 button : SW1 for setting hours, SW2 for setting minutes, SW3 to go mode of setting time and allows for the approval of the timeout. To gives the impression of great visual at night the clock uses of a backlit display. The source code is written in basic and compile it using Bascom. source code (zip), schematic.