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Sand Blast Controller

11/06/2011 Category: Control, Microcontroller, Project

The project built to solve product tracking problem for the Sand Silo, which holds 50,000 Pounds of Sand. It uses BASIC Stamp board for easy development, 4 Line LCD Display, and DS1302 IC Timer. The program will display elapsed timer to LCD – how much sand was left in the Silo at any point in time. It also track the sand used on each job to more accurately keep track of the material cost.

Sand Silo Tracker

One of the issues encountered was the calibration of the Sand Hopper, which had been incorrectly set for a CFM rate of 700 while the technical specification of the Sand Hopper has a MAX CFM rate of 300. This discovery solved the mystery of why the various fittings and hoses for the Sand Hopper were only lasting just beyond 14 hours due to the mismatch of the compressor, with a CFM rate of 700, and a Sand Hopper CFM rate of 300. After programming and testing we were able to install an Air Regulator on the Air Line of the Sand Hopper to help control the flow of the material.

Sand Silo Controller
Project Firmware, Schematic and Documentation