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Mini Flight Telemetry Transmitter

07/30/2010 Category: AVR, Data Acquisition, Measurement, Microcontroller, Project

Morse Beacon is small transmitter that can send flight telemetry to earth from a small balloon or model plane like temperature and battery voltage, Call Sign identification and a sequence number for logging purposes. The design is made around an ATtiny13 microcontroller, a LM35 centigrade temperature sensor (or LM34 Fahrenheit), a RF module, and few discrete components.

Flight Telemeter

For simplicity, a UHF RF module, that can be FM modulated with digital signal, has been chosen and can be received with standard Hand Held transceivers. The antenna is a removable 1/4 wave whip hanging down from the balloon to launch RF signal to the earth receivers. The project uses 4 AA alkaline cells as power source due to the transmitter low current consumption and RF module power switching. This mini telemetry transmitter is designed by Fabian de la Fuente.