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RC Helicopter Downlink Telemetry Module

12/26/2008 Category: Control, Microcontroller, Project

RC Helicopter Downlink Telemetry Module

You can collect vital flight information about RC aircraft with this clever on-board telemetry module. The module sends information via a wireless ZigBee link to a ground station consisting of a laptop computer and a ZigBee receiver. The system is implemented using an MC1392 SARD board with a few modifications. A voltage follower built with an LM2904 op-amp and a simple resistor divider are wired to channel 2 of the ADC on the SARD board’s on-board MC9S08GT60 microcontroller. The telemetry system is expandable enough to support the monitoring of the engine’s RPM as well as altitude and airspeed. This project created and build by Leonid Shvarzberg.

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Tags : Telemetry Module, RC Aircraft, Microcontroller Project