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IR Protocol Analyzer Software

10/02/2011 Category: Remote, Software

IR protocol analyzer is universal software for automatic decoding infrared remote control protocol packets. To capture infrared signal from a remote control, it uses microphone input of a soundcard. The hardware you need to start decoding is minimalistic and easy to build, just plug a phototransistor to input of your soundcard.

IR Protocol Analyzer sofware screenshot

This Delphi-based software processes InfraRed signal from a remote control and compares it with its own database of known protocols. When a match is found, packet is decoded and the software will display protocol name, description, decoded data and graph with timing. At this time, the software support protocols from Sony SIRC, NEC, RC-5, Panasonic, and Silverlit PicoZ. IR Protocol Analyzer Software developed by Ondrej Stanek.