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RFID Electronic Door Lock

08/22/2010 Category: Arduino, Microcontroller, Project, Security System

The project goal is to build an electronic door lock based on Arduino and ID-20 RFID reader. This security system consists of 3 main parts, Arduino controller, RFID tags Reader and electric door lock. The RFID reader is located outside of the door and is separated from the controller on the inside so no one can not breaking the security by open the RFID reader and short circuit it. The project uses Arduino controller to receives serial data from the Reader and controls the RGB led and the Door lock.

Door lock security system

“The door lock is first installed in a door and tested with a 9v battery to ensure correct installation. In most cases you want a Normally Open circuit on the door lock, or Fail Secure. This means the door stays locked when no current passes through it. When 12vDC is passed through the electromagnet in the door lock, a plate in the lock gives way and allows the door to be pushed open freely”, said pcmofo, the designer.