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Interruption Alert System

02/02/2012 Category: Alarm, Microcontroller, Miscellaneous, Project, Renesas

This M32C/84-based office message board project allows you to display a preprogrammed message like “do not disturb”, “in the Lab”, “At Lunch” etc on the LCD positioned at the door. The project has a keypad which is placed on a desk. On this keypad there are 15 buttons and 6 LEDs for control and indicator. This keypad is connected to the SKP via a cable. The SKP with its 3 buttons, 3 LEDs and LCD screen are placed at the entrance to the users cubical/office.

Door Interruption Alert System for Office

In this project, user can select which one of the 3 LEDs (green, yellow, red) to illuminate on the SKP. These LEDs are labeled “Come in” “Working” and “Do Not Disturb” respectively, when one of these selections is made a corresponding LED on the desk keypad is illuminated.

When someone approaches the door he/she will immediately be alerted to the user status by the LED and the LCD message. If the guest wants to interrupt, he can press one of the 3 buttons on the SKP labeled “Chat”, “Important” “Urgent”. Pressing one of these buttons will alert the user in office via the Desktop keypad by flashing a corresponding LED (green, Yellow or red respectively). And then user can respond with a preprogrammed message (ex. “5 min”, “Go away”, “Be right there” etc.).

Interruption Alert System Block Diagram