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PIC based Carbohydrate Counter

03/01/2010 Category: Measurement, PIC, Project

The CarbCounter+ is PIC32MX460F512L based Food Scale combined with a PDA. The device built to help people with Diabetes manage, log and calculate their Carbohydrate information. This allows for more accurate insulin dosages and control, thus reducing the possibility of complications later in life. CarbCounter allows parents of toddlers, school kids, people on the go or anyone who wants to easily and accurately calculate carb content of their food. Beside Type 1 & 2 diabetics people, this food scale also suit for people on special diets.

PIC carbo counter

Project features food scale with Extensive Carb Database (USDA + AUS/NZ), Calcs carbs needed when low, Audio alerts and alarms, Food “search” option, Log Book, Recipe Builder to calculate carbs in your favorite home cooking, Color Touch Screen, and Expansion port for future features. This great project is designed by Mike.

See the project in action

Carbohydrate Counter
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