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2.5 GHz PIC Frequency Counter

05/18/2009 Category: Measurement, PIC, Project


A frequency counter is one of the most important measuring tool for RF electronic hobbyist. In this frequency counter has very high performance and very easy to build and to use. The counter is based on PIC 16F870 and display the frequency on 7 Segmen LED displays. The resolution display is 1kHz. The frequency will be presented on the 7 Segment display and at the same time also sent on the RS232 line.

If you want, you can connect the counter to a computer and display the frequency information there. This frequency counter is very sensitive and need just a few millivolt of RF to measure the frequency. You can easy connect it to any oscillator or you can make a pic-up coil to probe the oscillator.


Frequency Counter
PIC based Frequency Counter