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1 GHz Frequency Counter

05/01/2012 Category: Digital, Measurement, PIC, Project

This simple counter is built based on PIC16F84A and SAB6456 IC. The SAB6456 is a prescaler for UHF/VHF tuners. It can be switched to divide-by-64 or divide-by-256 by the mode-control (MC) pin. The circuit has an input frequency range of 70 MHz to 1 GHz, has high input sensitivity and good harmonic suppression.

This project is very useful for frequency measurements of various wireless equipments, especially transmitters, receivers and signal generators in VHF/UHF band. This counter features fast measurement – short measuring period, display range: 0,0 to 999,9 MHz, resolution 0,1 MHz, high input sensitivity in VHF/UHF band, over-range indication, correct rounding, reduced blinking of last digit and switchable intermediate frequency offset for use with receiver.

1GHz Counter

The counter has input sensitivity: max. 10 mV in 70-1000 MHz range and needs 8-20 V power supply to operate. Download schematic and firmware.