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FM Tracking Transmitter Using PIC and Crystal

05/17/2009 Category: PIC, Project, Transmitter


If you need need small and frequency stable FM transmitter for your application then you can try XFM1 transmitter. The XFM1 transmitter is 147.460 MHz crystal controlled tone modulated FM transmitter. The transmitter is tone modulated by a microcontroller PIC 12F675 approximately every two seconds. A Morse code call sign ID is transmitted approximately every 30 seconds.

Transmitter ground range is approximately 400 yards (5 feet above ground). Jerry Baumeister has test his project with a ICOM IC-W32A transceiver with 0.16 micro volts of receiver sensitivity through the standard 8 inch antenna. Air to ground transmissions can improve range significantly as will a directional high gain antenna or a more sensitive receiver. Use this transmitter with a scanner or 2 meter amateur radio receiver.


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