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AVR Laser Audio Transmitter

05/13/2009 Category: Audio, AVR, Transmitter


Laser Audio Transmitter is final project from student. In This project Jehhal Liu and Daniel Zuo try to build a device that able to transmits an audio signal using a laser beam.

They created a mono-axial transmitter/receiver setup that converts an analog audio signal, via a standard 3.5mm jack, and transmits it via a laser to a receiver, which converts the signal back into audio. The receiver can be rotated within its horizontal plane, and uses a servo motor controlled by a microcontroller to automatically align it with the receiver. The end result is a wireless audio signal that cannot be “overheard” by other devices.

© Jehhal Liu (jl589), Daniel Zuo (dyz2)

Laser Audio Transmitter
Documentation of Laser Audio Transmitter