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AVR LM92 Temperature Sensor System

05/12/2009 Category: AVR, Monitoring, Sensor


This project show you how to build temperature sensor system using LM92 sensor and microcontroller AVR as main processor. The project use Bascom to compile the program.

The system is divided into two parts: inside the half-sphere are four LM92 temperature sensors, which are connected to a small box containing an ATTiny2313 controller. This controller reads the four sensors and sends a temperature string over a low-speed RS232 cable to a display box which is close to the DMX light controllers. The display box has an ATMega32 which reads the temperature string and displays the result on a 240×128 graphics display using large digits. The ATMega32 also reads a potmeter to be used as a trip value. When one of the temperature exceeds this value, the display is repeatedly switched from normal to inverse as an alarm signal.

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