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Running Tex Display using Microcontroller AT89s8252

09/03/2007 Category: Display, LED, Microcontroller, Project

Running Tex Display using Microcontroller AT89s8252

This peripheral circuit designed by W.Watzig for the AT89s8252 Flash Board provides a large format, 10 character running text display using dot matrix modules.
The intelligence of this project is microcontroller AT89S8252 which located in a separate microcontroller system, in the form of the Microcontroller AT89S8252 Flash Board.The actual running-text display, which can display ten characters on its twelve display modules, is fully passive. However, this design has a few unusual features.
The running-text functions can be controlled using a PC keyboard connected directly to the circuit, as well as via the serial interface of the Flash Board. In addition, a DS1302 real-time clock is included in the circuit, to allow the date and time to be output alternately.

Link: Running Text Display based on Microcontroller(*.PDF) AT89S8252