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Atmel Introduces an AVR32 Application Processor for Linux-based, Cost-constrained Embedded Designs

06/18/2007 Category: News

It’s a good news from ATMEL for Linux user..

San Jose, CA, June 4, 2007 Atmel® Corporation announced today the AT32AP7001, a member of the AVR®32 AP7 family of Application Processors optimized for cost constrained, Linux®-based embedded designs. The device is packaged in a 30 x 30mm VQFP for easy integration into a four-layer PCB design.

Examples of applications for the AT32AP7001 include printers, fax machines, surveillance cameras, audio processing and industrial control equipment. The new device is built to run the popular Linux operating system in an embedded setting. Atmel provides a free port and support of the OS and tool chain.

The AT32AP7001 is built around Atmel?s high throughput AVR32 AP7 Application Processor core and offers 210 Dhrystone v2.1 MIPS when clocked at 150 MHz and powered at 1.8V (1.4 DMIPS / MHz), with an active power consumption of 75 mA (500 uA/MHz). The core has built-in DSP, SIMD instruction set, branch prediction and MMU. The device offers Dynamic Frequency Scaling (DFS), which allows on-the-fly adjustments of the power consumption in the four on-chip clock domains (CPU, High Speed Bus, 2 independent peripheral buses).

Link : AVR32 Application Processor for Linux-based