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GPS Logger, PIC16F648

07/11/2011 Category: Data Acquisition, GPS, Microcontroller, PIC, Project

This small size GPS logger module allows you to record a route. You can mount it on an airplane model, car, bike or put it in your pocket to track your walking path. The project uses lipo battery as power source and PIC16F648 to read the serial protocol of the GPS or the computer and talking to eeprom. To view the route on Google Earth, A small Visual Basic program is used to retrieve the logged data and export the data in KML format.

GPS Data Logger Route Tracking

Joris Eights, the project designer, said to start record the route, the module need to be turn on by pushing the button. When you release the button, LED will flash and start recording. When the LED is green, it gets GPS connection and the route will be included. If you want to stop recording, you push the button again. This will stop LED flashing and stop recording.

Google Earth Track View

Download : schematic, firmware, and VB program.