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PC Oscilloscope and Signal Generator

05/27/2010 Category: Software, Tools

Besides voltmeter, sometimes we need oscilloscope to analyze signal from our electronic project. Unfortunately, the price for good digital Oscilloscope is expensive. For student and electronics hobbyist there are good solution for this. You can try Free PC based Oscilloscope like Visual Analyser. The software can be used to analyze waveform with range frequency 20-20khz. It use your PC sound card as ADC.

PC Sound Card Scope

Visual Analyser, developed by Alfredo Accattatis, is rich-features oscilloscope application. It can be used as normal oscilloscope with dual channel and spectrum analyzer. You can use the software to generate triangular, square, sinus, white noise, pulse generation and custom function through its waveform generator. For detail analyze, VA provides data log of time series, spectrum and phase with “triggering” events and can be saved with various formats and display them with a viewer. Other feature including Frequency meter, filtering (low pass, hi pass, band pass, band reject, notch, “diode”, DC removal), ZRLC-meter with Vector scope, automatic sweep in time and frequency for automatic measurement, Voltmeter and more.

You can download latest version of Visual Analyser here (4.69MB). It works under windows operating system, 2000/XP/NT/Vista.