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Nikon Camera Remote Control

02/07/2011 Category: AVR, Control, Microcontroller, Project, Remote

This Infrared remote control for Nikon cameras built based on AVR ATtiny13V. The circuit is very simple. It consists of Atmel tiny13V, a button, transistor, resistor, IR diode and 3V battery. If you want simpler circuit, you can connect the IR diode directly to the ATtiny13V, but that will limit the LED current and therefore the range.

IR remote for NIKON camera digital

The project is compatible with the Nikon ML-L3 remote control. Supported cameras including D40, D40X, D50, D60, D70, D70s, D80, and Coolpix 8400 8800.

Camera Remote
Project Firmware, Schematic and Documentation