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M16C Based Energy Analyzer

07/24/2010 Category: Data Acquisition, Measurement, Renesas

Power and Energy Meter

Energy Analyzer project is M16C/62P microcontroller-based power and energy data logger with ability to read voltage and current RMS values, power factor, real power and energy, harmonic contents etc. Besides the basic measurements, the circuit is capable of signal acquiring to detailed analysis in time and frequency. It is possible to measure starting time of motors and electric components and to record electrical values over a long period of time. The main component in the project including a powerful integrated circuit to measure energy and power, the CS5460 from Cirrus Logic, an E2PROM memory 24C08 from Atmel and several OPAMPS and an Instrumentation Amplifier. The project use graphic LCD and the keyboard for user interface. This Energy Analyzer project is designed by Ronaldo Ribeiro Duarte.

Energy Analyzer Block

Energy Analyzer
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