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High DC Power Meter

06/19/2010 Category: AVR, Measurement, Microcontroller, Power Supply, Project, Tools

The Hibox is High DC Power Meter based on the Atmel Atmega16 microcontroller. This equipment is capable to measure DC voltage up to 40V, currents up to 200A (600A with special sensor) and shows all values on 2×16 characters display. It was developed for enhanced measurements on new Lion/Lipol batteries which are widely used in many applications today. The Hibox also calculates and displays variables like energy consumed in Wh and Ah, actual power W [Watts] etc. All values can be stored in the internal memory with sampling period selectable from 0.1sec to 30sec and can be downloaded to PC computer for offline analysis.


This equipment is used by hi-tech RC modelers who use the newest batteries and current consumption is as high as 200A. They are trying to get the best performance of their set and it is not possible without accurate measurement.

Hibox features including measures voltage up to 40V, measures current up to 200A; measures rounds per minute (RPM) of the propeller; stores values into the memory displays many useful variables like actual voltage, current, power, consumed energy in Ah, Wh, maximum current, minimum voltage, time, free memory, revolutions; special PC software for offline data analysis; upgradable through RS232 port; servo tester; servo cycling test; and receiver pulse tests.