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5 Channel USB Analog Sensor with AVR ATmega48

07/19/2012 Category: AVR, Data Acquisition, Interfacing, USB

This project demonstrates how to build a simple module to read analog sensor and send the data to PC using USB connection. The project uses ATmega48 as main processor and USB FTDI serial-to-usb cable. Simply put header pins on your device which you can plug into providing the microcontroller-computer link. No need for soldering surface-mount FTDI chips which gets expensive for large scale project.

USB Analog Sensor with AVR

This 5-channel real-time USB analog sensor can be used for a slew of electrophysiological experiments, but you can expand it for inexpensive multichannel digital oscilloscope. To displays the signal in real time, Python-based software was written in PC side. The software is able to be run on Linux and Windows without installing special driver-related software.

USB Analog Sensor
Project Firmware, Schematic and Documentation