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Autonomous Robot Racer

06/13/2012 Category: Microcontroller, Project, Renesas, Robotic

This M32C/84 microcontroller-based Autonomous Robot Racer has smart system and run fast on the race tracks. It can race head-to-head against other autonomous or regular RC cars. Resembling its bigger brother NASCAR, autonomous racing could grow to be a highly watched sport.

Autonomous Car Racer

This autonomous car system comes with seven different modes that the car can be in : Manual, Drag race, Oval race, Figure 8 race, Pace, Calibration and Menu. Four infrared distance range sensors from Sharp (Gp2D12) were used to monitor obstacles in front of the car. Line sensor was accomplished by using photoresistors in conjunction with bright LED’s to spot a white line on the race track.

Autonomous Robot Racer
Project Firmware, Schematic and Documentation