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Autonomous Mini Sumo Robot

01/06/2011 Category: Digital, Microcontroller, PIC, Project, Robotic

Seeker II is an autonomous mini-sumo robot which is designed to compete in mini-sumo robot competitions. It is low, fast, very aggressive, and has wide tires that provide a lot of traction. The robot’s brain is Microchip PIC16F876 programmed in C.

Sumo Robot PIC project

The mini sumo robot sensors consist of two range finders and two edge detectors. The range finders are Sharp GP2D12 analog range sensors. They are cheap, simple to interface to, and provide very accurate results without being affected by ambient lighting conditions. The edge detectors are Fairchild QRD-1114 Infrared sensors. They also filter out most outside light interference, and in general work exceptionally well. This Jon Hylands‘ robot has dimensions under 10cm long, 10cm wide, and about 3.8 cm high, and it weighs 430 grams.