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PIC Based EPROM Reader

09/26/2011 Category: Data Acquisition, Miscellaneous, PIC, Project, USB

This project allows you to read many common EPROM and Flash memory chips. It’s equipped with USB interface that uses FTDI USB to serial chip. The PIC18F4550 microcontroller firmware handles the various differences of the range of EPROM chips. The project only uses HyperTerminal PC software to control and read the chips. Intel hex and raw binary formats can be sent unencapsulated or by Y-Modem.

EPROM and Flash Reader

Kevin Timmerman, project designer, said that there are no jumpers required for configuration. Power can be supplied on the appropriate pin by three 2N4403 transistors. A few single character commands are used to configure and operate the EPROM reader. Download : source code and schematic