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PIC Based Subscriber Terminal Meter

02/22/2011 Category: Digital, Microcontroller, PIC, Project, Tools

AS7010 STmeter is PIC16F877-based project which is designed to provide a handheld installation tool to assist in the set-up and configuration of wireless DSL subscriber terminals operating in a point to multi-point configuration. The device allows the majority of installations to be carried out without the need for a laptop computer. This easy to use installation tool powered by two AA cells via a step up regulator or maintenance port of the Subscriber Terminal via a step down regulator.

wireless DSL subscriber terminals installation tools

When the STMeter is attached to the ST maintenance port, the UART is used to pass information to the main ST processor using a SLIP like protocol. The ADC operates in place of a voltmeter and allows the outdoor antenna unit to be aligned using the received signal strength. The received signal strength is displayed on STMeter as a bargraph which is much easier to use than the constantly flickering display of a Digital Voltmeter. Additionally the signal from the received signal strength pin is used to periodically pass additional information to STMeter by encoding the information using a 2B1Q coding scheme.