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Wireless Rocket Launch Control

04/14/2010 Category: AVR, Control, Microcontroller, Project

This ATmega64 microcontroller based Wireless Rocket Launch Control system is cost-effective and safe solution for better rocket Launch Control Officer. It solves all of the problems with typical old launch control systems that only use combination of batteries, wires, switches, and relays. There are two main part in the system: the launch console where the system is operated from, and the pad unit which goes at the launch pads and supports 4 launch pads per pad unit.

Rocket Launch Control Project

The system uses AC4490 900 MHz radio transceiver module from Aerocomm for wireless communication and 256 x 128 pixel graphic LCD for display. To support wired network capability the system equipped with RS-485 driver and RJ-11 connector.

The wireless rocket launch control primarily uses a wireless network but it also supports wired connections to save money in specific instances where the wires are not a problem. For example, the wireless network can be used from the launch console to the first pad unit to support the first 4 pads. But then, if there are 4 more pads very close to the first 4, then a second wired pad unit could be connected to the first pad unit with a short wire. This saves the cost of the radio transceiver in the second pad unit, said Daniel Miner, the project designer.