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Wireless Pedometer

01/18/2010 Category: AVR, Digital, Measurement, Microcontroller, Project, Sensor, Wireless


This AVR-based wireless pedometer can provide useful statistics for walker/runner such as the number of steps a user has taken, the distance and the speed the person has walked/run, as well as the number of calories the person has burned. This information is wirelessly transmitted to the base-station, and it is displayed on the PC in a useful manner.

The project consist of two main part, the wearable sensor and the base-station. The wearable sensor includes an accelerometer (KXP74 from Kionix), an Atmel Mega 644V microcontroller and an RF transceiver. The base-station will consist of an Atmel Mega 644V, RF transceiver, and MAX233 chip for RS-232 serial communication. To reduce the cost, it uses Atmel’s 2.4GHz radio transceiver AT86RF230 (RZ502) as wireless module than GPS units to calculate the distance a person has travelled. The project is designed by Andrew Chin and Ping-Hong Lu from Cornell University.

Pedometer Project
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