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AVR Dimmer Switch

09/25/2009 Category: AVR, Control, Digital, Project

AVR dimmer switch

This project shows you how to build Controlled Dimmer using Microcontroller AVR AT tiny 2313. The dimmer has 8 channels to connect to lamps. You can control dimmer switch via RC infrared or serial interface to PC.

The infrared receiver is build around standard highly integrated components. TSOP1736 is a receiver that responds best to signals transmitted on a carrier frequency of 36 kHz like RC5 etc. Some other remote controls use different carrier frequencies, in that case use the appropriate ir receiver module.

To control the dimmer via PC you need PC Dimmer program. This software runs on a Windows 98/se/XP and can be used to create light effects, run synchronous with music and lots more. Project by domotica.

Dimmer Switch
Documentation, Schematic and Source Code