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Flashing LED Light

12/22/2009 Category: Analog, LED, Project

Flashing LED Light with 555

This project shows you how to build simple flashing light based on IC 555. The 555 has function as clock generator with dutycyle less than 100 and more than 50. The other components are Voltage regulator, 3 power amber LED and passive component like resistor and capacitor. The project submitted by Musheg Khurshudyan. He said that, Big duty cycle reduces power consumption about 20 times. For used Amber LED efficacy of lighting with driver and heating looses included is about 47 lm/W. For comparison most effective halogen lamps give 28 lm per watt.

There is 3 cutoff boards placed on sides of equilateral triangle. This arrangement provides circular lighting. The LEDs attached to the boards through the hole in the center. Extra caution must be taken during bringing together boards. To avoid shorted circuit and not provided connections. link


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