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OpenPicus IDE and Framework Released

01/20/2011 Category: News, PIC

OpenPICUS, a PIC 24F series based open source platform made for wireless smart sensors and actuators, reaches the biggest milestone today. The open source platform is mature and offers to the developers:

  • The new IDE, easy to use and Free to download
  • Software Framework: your Apps can control the functions of the Protocol and of hardware, but you don’t need to be an expert of both.
  • Apps Source Code (such as wireless Webserver)
  • Video guide for the IDE and a Manual for the Framework

“We are really excited. We worked hard for this day to offer to the community a final version of the project, ready to be tasted. Thanks to the community on the Blog, in Facebook and by email for the support. Other great news are coming in the next months” Claudio Carnevali and Gabriele Allegria, founders of the project, say on the introducing video on openpicus website.

For more detail about the project, you can visit