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Real-Time Monitoring System

04/13/2012 Category: Monitoring, Project, Renesas, Sensor

The M16C/62P microcontroller-based RTMS is a low-cost device designed to measure liquid levels and monitor temperature in multiple containers simultaneously. The device is capable of monitoring about 50 overhead tanks simultaneously. Its small size makes it very handy and useful in the places where space is the big problem. Also RTMS use is not restricted to overhead tanks which contains only water, its unique technique make it capable of monitoring any type of liquid, which make it very cost effective for industries and hotels.

liquid levels and temperature monitor

RTMS continuously monitors the liquid level and temperature of the liquid in the overhead tanks and display it over LCD display. Further more, user can set critical values for liquid level, temperature and whenever these critical limits are reached, RTMS is capable of taking intelligent action such as opening valves, pump and produce alert signals. The project uses Dallas ADXL311 acceleration sensor as tilt sensor instead of acceleration sensor to monitor liquid level and Analog Devices AD22100 as temperature sensor.