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LAN Cables Tester

01/13/2011 Category: AVR, Detector, Digital, Microcontroller, Project, Tools

This simple AVR ATtiny2313-based LAN tester allows you to check the type of LAN cables (straight or cross) and to test whether LAN cable is broken or not. The project has 8 outputs. Each one of them produces a pulse successively and only one output can be high at any time.

Simple LAN Cable tester

To check the LAN Cable, you need to plug the end cable to rj45 connector A and the other cable end to RJ45 connector B. And then the MCU will send pulse to connector A and the LEDS will glow one by one for straight LAN cable and glowing changes to 1,2,7,4,5,8,3,6 for cross wire. If a wire is broken, the corresponding LED will not glow.

remote LAN cable check

If both ends of the cable are not close enough to be plugged onto the circuit, you can use a remote board, which has only one rj-45 connector and 8 LEDs. Then plug one end of the cable to connector A on main board and connect the other end to the remote unit. This practical LAN tester is designed by Vasilis Stergiopoulos.

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