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Remote Accelerometer

01/11/2011 Category: Arduino, Data Acquisition, Microcontroller, Project, Remote, Sensor, Transmitter, Wireless

Remote accelerometer is small device that has a three axis accelerometer and transmit the acceleration values to a remote host. One example of its use is to gather a data from moving object. You can attach the sensor to someone and when he move like jump around, you can use the data to produce sound or modify music on your remote machine. “It’s like a simple version of Wiimote” said Alex, the project designer.

wireless remote accelerometer

Main part of the project are ATmega328P, Arduino compatible microcontroller, running at 8 MHz; ADXL335 (3 axis accelerometer, +/- 3g) and RFM12B radio transceiver, 868 MHz, range of up to 100 meters. Download Eagle files and Arduino sketches and RF12 Lib