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Color TFT LCD Controller

08/22/2007 Category: Microcontroller, Project

Color TFT LCD Controller
Michal Sieluzycki from US has created great innovation using ATmega8515. He won Grand Prize from AVR 2004 Design Contest
Many of the affordable, small, color LCDs on the market are controlled by particular chips that usually aren’t available to the public. The Color TFT LCD Controller is a creative solution that uses two AVR microcontrollers to generate the signals needed to control a color TFT LCD. A 160 × 240 dot Sony ACX705AKM is used as the display. This project is inexpensive and flexible, it may be used as an intelligent LCD controller or a stand-alone device. An ATmega8515 microcontroller, which was chosen for its efficiency, collects the color pixel data from static RAM and controls the LCD by generating digital CRT video signals. An ATmega128 serves as the second microcontroller. It was selected for its abundance of interfaces and large flash memory, which is used to store fonts and bitmaps. The ATmega128 interprets graphic commands received via RS-232 (or any other interface), and stores the resulting pixels in the static RAM shared by the ATmega8515.

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