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Parallax Vineyard Monitor

01/16/2011 Category: Data Acquisition, Digital, Microcontroller, Monitoring, Project, Sensor, Wireless

This vineyard monitor project is built based on Parallax propeller chip. It consists of a weatherproof box that houses the electronics mounted on a PVC support pipe. The pipe is intended to be driven into the ground. The project will collect data like soil temperature and moisture, air temperature and humidity and solar radiation and sent them to a host PC located up to 100 feet away wirelessly.

The soil temperature sensor is placed at the bottom of the pipe while the soil moisture sensor is located on an extension cable so that it can be placed anywhere within a few feet of the monitor. Air temperature and humidity sensors are located midway up the pipe with drilled holes to permit air exchange, and the solar radiation sensor is located on top of the electronics box.

“The whole unit is very compact and can be moved or placed anywhere without the need for any wiring”, said Vijay Singh, the project designer. The Wireless Vineyard Monitor is powered by 6 x AA batteries or 9V battery.