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Simple ISP Progammer for AVR Microcontroller

05/25/2007 Category: AVR, Microcontroller, Tools

This ISP Programmer is used to programs the microcontroller AVR (upload *.hex or *.ihx file to MCU). There’re many kind of AVR ISP programmer such as AVRSTK500, Atmel AVRprog(AVR910), Dontronic DT006, Kanda System STK200+/300. For beginner in microcontroller, it is better if we use simple ISP but it still work fine. The best choice for me is Kanda System STK200+/300. because it’s only need IC buffer 74HC244 and connected to parallel port. So, i think is easier for newbie.

here is the schematic

How to Use It?

After you build this then download demo version of CodeVision AVR from Installed it. After finishing install, go to setting > programmer > and choose Kanda System STK200+/300.

Connect the ISP to parallel port and microcontroller to ISP.  open CodeVision AVR go to Tools>Chip Programmer> Read> Chip Signature. Don’t forget choose apropriate microcontroller type.