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30 W Digital Wattmeter for RF (0-500MHz)

06/21/2008 Category: Digital, Microcontroller, PIC, Project

This is a watt meter project based on microcontroller PIC 16F870. The project is suitable for you who like amateur radio.

This watt meter project is very similar to my last wattmeter project. The main reason I made a new project is becasue I needed a unit which could handle higher power than 1W. I found a 50 ohm dummy load which could take 50W of power. Of course I could use attenuates for my 1W meter, but I prefered to build a new unit. The new thing with this project is that it will only display the power in Watt on the LCD display. This means that I will not need so many EEPROM to store display data (more about this later).