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Dummy Load

04/07/2012 Category: Microcontroller, Project, Renesas

The purpose of project is to build dummy (artificial) load for testing DC power sources. This device uses MOSFET transistors for power dissipation so it has two advantages over resistive loads: it is linear and load current is stabilized by M16C/28 microcontroller so required current value is constant regardless of voltage change.

Dummy Load Project based on Renesas MCU

Main features of this device:  maximum load current 10A,  maxminum input voltage 30V, maximum power dissipation 150W, measuring: voltage, current, power, charge.

Because this dummy load has ability to work at constant current mode, it’s also useful as battery discharger so it also can measure charge taken from battery. This device is build around SKP16C28 starter kit.