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Solar Powered Automatic Blind System

08/27/2010 Category: AVR, Control, Microcontroller, Project

The goal of the project is to build automatic home blinds system. The controller will open the blinds at first light and close them at sunset. If the sunlight becomes too excessive the blinds will partially close to protect the furnishings in the home. If the heat becomes too great the blinds will partially close to help keep room temperatures within reason.


The main component of the project is Atmel ATtiny45 AVR microcontroller, solar panel to convert energy from the sun to electrical power, NiCad cells as energy storage and stepper motor. The project which is designed by John Mardock features an ability to sense and react on changing light and heat levels, capability of changing back to the original blind system, log data relative to system operation, no external power wires, automatic operation with a manual override, and low maintenance.