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Automatic Panorama Robot, Panoboter

08/25/2012 Category: Arduino, Control, Miscellaneous, Motor, Robotic

If you want to get a ‘perfect’ result from your panorama photography then using Panorama Robot is the best and easy way to do the job. Mhemhe has built Automatic Panorama Robot named as Panoboter. You can see his interesting 3d pictures from different point of view using Panoboter at Studio & Forest.

Panorama Photography robot

Panoboter is lightweight robot for spherical and multirow panorama photography for a DSLR camera. The project is built based on Arduino Pro Mini ATmega328 as main controller and small serial servo controller. As User interface, it comes with 16×2 HD44870-compatible LCD, Rotary Encoder with push function, Trimmer for LCD contrast and Pushbutton for “back” function. The project uses 2 Hitec servos HS-785HB to rotate the camera and 5x AA battery as power source.