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FPGA Alien Slaughter II Video Game

05/09/2009 Category: FPGA, Game, Project


Alien Slaughter II based on FPGA system project is custom 32-bit embedded computer system with media and network interfaces. The video game project was created from the ground up in three design areas : circuit board design, chip design, and software.

The board designed based on an Altera Cyclone FPGA with 12,000 logic elements. FPGA was configured with access to 4MB of DRAM, 512K of FLASH, 512K of SRAM, an external Ethernet controller, and analog circuitry for 2 channels of audio output, a joystick interface, and color television video output via RGB D/A conversion and an RGB-to-NTSC video encoder said John Sachs Beeckler, project designer .

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