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Sing-Along Game

01/28/2010 Category: AVR, Game, Microcontroller, Project

Sing-along is a musical tone memory game for 1 to 3 players. The game plays a random sequence of notes, then it listens for the player(s) to sing or hum the notes back to it. The sequence keeps getting longer each time the player sings it correctly. If a player does not sing a note within the allotted time, or sings an incorrect note, then a “lose” sound will play. If a player correctly sings the entire 16-note sequence, then a “win” tune will automatically play. In addition, the game has several LEDs to indicate which player’s turn is in progress, and to follow the notes as they are played or sung.


“The hardware is built around an Atmel ATtiny12, with its analog comparator fed by an analog front end which processes the input from an electret microphone. An automatic gain control loop allows the MCU to detect inputs over a wide range of sound levels. A speaker, voltage regulator, pushbutton switch, and four LEDs round out the design. The MCU has only 5 I/O pins available, so several of them are used for multiple functions. The system is powered by a single 9V battery, which is fed through a transistor so power can be removed from the analog circuitry during sleep mode”, said Richard Wotiz, the project designer.

Sing-Along Memory Game
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