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Simple Portable Led Game System

02/09/2013 Category: Game, LED, PIC

This is a fun project with LED, a simple portable led game system. It is built based on PIC16F628A, 16 RGB LED and 9 bipolar transistors BC548. It has 4 buttons for control, a switch for turning it off, and a tiny speaker for sound output. What kind of game can you play with this project? Currently, the device supports 3 games: Led Racer, Simon Says, and Roulette. Not only for game, the project can also be used for simple binary counter.

Portable Led Game Device

This portable game device needs 5 volts power supply. You can use 4x battery 1.5v AA or 9 volt battery with a 7805 IC. This Simple portable led game is designed by BrunoIP. See the project in action below