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Control Home Appliance via Network

02/08/2013 Category: Arduino, Control

ArduPower is arduino based home appliance controller via network. User can control six power outlets via telnet. If you want to control more appliances, you can add more sockets to unused Arduino pin and change few code lines in firmware. Each outlet is switched using relay with LED as status indicator.

Control Home Appliance via Telnet

The project uses Arduino Uno and Ethernet shield as basic server. Before access the network, user need to enter required password. Once you have access to device you can change the status of the main lines and see if they are on or off. You can assign a name to each socket to identify the connected system and change TCP/IP arduino’s parameters via telnet.

control device via network

All TCP/IP parameters, password, information about the connected systems, and power line status before the system power down are stored in eeprom