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PIC24FJ64 Multifunctional Alarm Clock

10/29/2009 Category: Alarm, Digital, Microcontroller, Project

Multifunction Digital Alarm Clock

I’m sure that everyone has alarm clock in their house from the simple to the elaborate, to help them get a start on the day. But you need to be there to set it. DJ Delorie has design Multifunctional Alarm Clock that has three primary features: automatic time setting on power-up, remote management and streaming MP3 music.

At the core of this alarm clock project is the PIC24FJ64, which is connected to a wide range of support circuits: an ENC28J60 Ethernet chip to connect to a local network, an mp3 decoder chip to play music streaming off the Internet, an organic LED graphical display, and a 24LC512 EEPROM for storing alarm data, fonts, and images. A photocell and seven buttons are monitored via ADC inputs, and the music volume is both monitored and overridden via a single pin used as both an ADC input and a GPIO output. Various power supplies and an ICP port complete the circuitry.

Multifunction Digital Alarm Clock-2

PIC24FJ64 Alarm Clock
Project Documentation and Schematic