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Electronic Mini Badge

11/01/2009 Category: Digital, Display, LED, Project

Electronic Mini-Badge With OLED display

The Electronic Mini-Badge project is a PIC24FJ64GA004-based electronic badge that displays color slideshows. Many electronic badges display scrolling text using a matrix of discrete LEDs. This low-power system features a graphical OLED display and can be easily upgraded to handle animation, video, or RF communication.

The PIC24FJ64GA004 microcontroller is used as a compromise between the speed of execution, power consumption, available peripherals, etc. It has more than the necessary amount of the program flash and data RAM, so it leaves room for expansion. The used peripherals are: GPIO, PMP, UARTs, SPIs and timer. There are some unused peripherals, which are disabled for the purpose of power savings. The embedded software was developed using Microchip MPLAB IDE and C30 compiler

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Electronic Mini-Badge
Project Documentation and Schematic