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Arduino Google Weather on Graphical Display

07/07/2012 Category: Arduino, Display, Interfacing

This project shows you how to build current and forecast weather information display based on Arduino and Google Weather. It uses VGA screen to display Google Weather data, thus you get colorful text and icons. Not only weather forecasting, it also displays Time from the internet, using NTP protocol. Other features including indoor temperature and humidity display, easy to connect and assembly – only Ethernet cable and power, supports DHCP for network connection, supports both VGA screens and small 3.2″ screens, daylight-saving support through a user button.

Standalone Google Weather Display

Main components of the project are Arduino Ethernet Pro or Arduino with Ethernet Shield, 4D Systems display (uLCD-32PT) or display adaptor (uVGA II), DHT-22 Temperature and humidity sensor, Ethernet Cable, Micro-SD, and Power supply.