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Arduino Self-Balancing Robot

11/17/2008 Category: Arduino, Robotic

This is cool robot project by Nicola. He build Self-Balancing Robot which can stand without fall. He use Arduino Diecimila as main processor. For the sensord the robot project use Sparkfun IMU Combo Board – 2 DOF – ADXL203/ADXRS401.

This is a combo Gyro/2-axis-acelerometer. Of the many combinations avaiable, i’ve choosen the one with smaller range but better precision, as i think it’s more important in fine balancing. I’d like to have something that is stable and not swinging back and forth.

The engine part consist of a kit composed of 2 EMG30 12V 170rpm motors with encoders and a MD23 motor controller. The controller can spin the motors at different speeds and has already input and logic for the encoders.

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